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Entropy Technology

Unique Sound Processing - Entropy Sound Technology

USP: Unique Sound Processing


Manufacturers of audio hardware, often vary components from unit to unit, components like transistors, capacitors, resistors and other electric components vary even from the same lot.

This sound technology tries to model that effectively, by choosing from a determined set of available processes, components layouts, and...

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Time Arrow Decay - Entropy Sound Technology

TAD: Time Arrow Decay


This is a brief explanation of our Entropy Sound Technology: Time Arrow Decay

Time arrow in theory of information is one of the things that allows physicists to measure effectively the time in a system.

Entropy, like temperature, is an abstract concept, yet, like temperature, everyone has an intuitive sense of the...

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The Entropy Technology Platform


This is a basic overview of the Entropy Technology that is built on every one of our plug-ins.

The Entropy technology was developed by our team to provide all our units the unique characteristic of altering it's sound with the pass of time.

As time passes, all analog hardware will decay and this will effectively change the sound of the unit...

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