TAD: Time Arrow Decay


This is a brief explanation of our Entropy Sound Technology: Time Arrow Decay

Time arrow in theory of information is one of the things that allows physicists to measure effectively the time in a system.

Entropy, like temperature, is an abstract concept, yet, like temperature, everyone has an intuitive sense of the effects of entropy.


As time passes, analog components fall of specification, introducing new and exciting sound alterations, which in turn may create harmonics, noise, and other qualities that truly gives them their unique character.


Most of our Plug-Ins which feature this tecnology will provide an on/off switch which enables or disables the addition of hum, noise, and component decay interference caused by the pass of time. (Time arrow).

Unlike USP, this technology will not tax your system considerably, so you can freely let it on.

This technology will not only add random noise, but will try to capture the entropy and age of the unit.

Your cpu usage, system temperature, mouse movements, and other random system information will be used to model the spectrum of noise, tone, and other sound characteristics of this unit.

It will initially start around -160 -db and will increase up to -60 db in about 4 to 9 years.


The result resemble deep spectral noise, which effectively blends with your signal to provide warmth and cohesion to your sonic image.

Our proprietary algorithm will add that amount of “big-bang residual noise” that will give a cohesive property to your sound.

Sound Range: -160 - -60 dB Time Range: (4 - 9 years)