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Introducing the Acidgrooves DSP SDK

In anticipation of our upcoming Acidgrooves Store Platform, and due to our close partners request, we have decided to make available our DSP SDK.

The Acidgrooves DSP SDK is an extensive C++ library of algorithms for audio processing with complete facilities for filtering, mixing, and dynamics processing, including advanced low-level DSP functions and control blocks.


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New Plug-In Front Plate Customization Service

The Acidgrooves Team is very happy to bring you the Acidgrooves Plug-In Front Plate Customization Service.

We've created this unique service to give our customers the opportunity of getting a unique custom faceplate on any of the Acidgrooves Plug-Ins.

The service will allow to existing and new customers the possibility of having the front plate of any...

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LSD611 The Kali is released !

We are very happy to announce our latest release: The LSD-611 The Kali.

The LSD-611 "The Kali" is a unique creative tool which provides everything from equalization, saturation,
distortion, and funky filter-powered effects.

It features 2 Voltage Controlled Filters, 2 equalizers, and 2 unique distortion units, with extra controls for signal amplitude and...

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Orange Krush Distortion Processor Released !

The Orange Krush Distortion Processor was designed by our team for easy sonic destruction, everything from warm saturation to totally crushing overdrive can be generated

Based on analog distortion circuits, and enhanced by the addition of algorithms that emulate the bias and dynamic of valves, the Orange Krush will give you all the power and saturation you may need.


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The Protector: Limiting Compressor Release !!

The Protector was designed by our team to provide with you with an easy way of controlling the maximum output level of any channel.


At its heart lives a transparent compressor which only kicks in when the signal exceeds your specified maximum output...

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LSD-525 Released

Introducing the LSD-525 Amplifier & Parallel Equalizer


The LSD-525 was built with love by our team to provide you with exceptional warmth, clear tone and beautiful sound sculpting capabilities

Built originally to be used along synthesizers and created with...

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