We are very happy to announce our latest release: The LSD-611 The Kali.

The LSD-611 "The Kali" is a unique creative tool which provides everything from equalization, saturation,
distortion, and funky filter-powered effects.

It features 2 Voltage Controlled Filters, 2 equalizers, and 2 unique distortion units, with extra controls for signal amplitude and output measuring.



Developed with a fully circuit modeled signal path, we made no compromises to achieve the best possible emulation of analog circuits, to place at your hands a truly “swiss army knife” for sonic manipulation.

We invite you to try The Kali on any sound source to add warmth, remove excessive bottom, or add classic filter funk and more.

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The Kali has an introductory price of $70 USD from its regular price of $99USD.

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