The Acidgrooves DSP SDK is an extensive library of algorithms for audio processing with complete facilities for filtering, mixing, and dynamics processing, including advanced low-level DSP functions and control blocks.

The Algorithms provided are commercial-grade with included support for cross platform integration and distribution.

Acidgrooves DSP SDK Features:

  • Portable C++
  • Standard Coding Interface across modules
  • Cross Platform compilation facilities
  • 2 Licensing schemes: Full Source Code or Dynamic Linking for lower entry cost
  • 3 Different licensing packages: Basic, Complete & Premium
  • Example projects for Xcode, Visual Studio (2010 & 2012), Code Blocks
  • RAII pattern of programming
  • Latest release is always tested in Xcode, Visual Studio, and Linux
  • Test Bed Audio Plug-In for quick prototyping
  • Developed with Continuous Integration (CI) in mind, access is provided via a controlled GIT repository with master, stable, and develop branches always available
  • 32 & 64 bit capabilities
  • 100% compatible with the JUCE C++ Library for GUI development

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