The Acidgrooves Store Platform is coming and in anticipation for it's release we are extremely happy to share with our friends and customers our latest updates.

The Acidgrooves Plug-Ins Store as a software discovery tool for Musicians:

The Acidgrooves Store Platform is designed from ground up to provide to Musicians, Producers, and everyone involved in the Music Industry, an easy way for testing and purchasing new Audio Plug-Ins, Soundware, and standalone Apps.

With 1-click installation purchase and update capabilities, it is designed to keep you focused on what really matters: making music.

The Store App will keep all your plug-ins updated, licensed, and with an extremely easy way of activating and deactivating licenses.

Our License Technology will keep a copy of your license in our servers, so you can rest assured, that no downtime will be ever caused by us, zero downtime, free.

The Store App will be a free download for users.

The Acidgrooves Plug-Ins Store as a sales tool for Developers:

The Acidgrooves Store Platform will provide to Audio Software Developers a completely managed distribution channel, aiming for easy installation of plug-ins, presets, documentation and standalone applications.

By giving users an easy way of installing products, Developers can increase their sales, and focus on developing and supporting their products.

The Store App will be provided with an easy update mechanism, which will keep users updated and thriving for more products.

Every Developer will also have access to a custom built set of tools which include a dedicated Api, a friendly package system (The Acidgrooves Store Packer), and a powerful Developer Portal to support the complete application release cycle.

Software Developers will be able to signup on late September, with a fixed pricing schema to be announced.

The Acidgrooves Plug-Ins Store as a Platform:

A project as big as our upcoming Acidgrooves Store Platform, is conformed by several modules.

Until now, it consists of:

  • Acidgrooves Store App - A multi-platform app, designed for easy discovery of new and featured products, 1 click installation and purchase, license management, and update capabilities.

  • Acidgrooves Store Website: Works together with the Acidgrooves Store App and also provides a public showcase for products in the Store.

  • Acidgrooves Store Packer - The packer for developers, creates packages to be installed by the Store App.

  • Acidgrooves Api - Provides secure and complete access to our apps and to third party developers to the Platform data

  • Acidgrooves Developer Portal - A meeting point for developers, with several self-service tools including App Management, Downloads, Documents, and a dedicated community section.

  • Acidgrooves Store Package Installer - This code is built into the Store App, providing cross-platform installation of Audio Plug-Ins and Stand Alone Applications

  • Platform Docs & Issue Tracking: Dedicated websites for the platform docs, and a industry standard tool for tracking bugs and issues in the platform.

This set of modules provide the Platform backbone, and are currently being developed in parallel to create an integrated Software Distribution Platform.

What's next?

Our team is working day and night in 3 different timezones to bring this project to life, we expect to make a first release in late September.

Developers interested in the Acidgrooves Store Platform are encouraged to channel their questions and suggestions to our support team, just get in touch with us.

Musicians and producers can follow us on Twitter: @Acidgrooves, to get the latest updates, and release dates.