The last couple of weeks we have been testing a live support solution inside our customer portal: My Acidgrooves, it has allowed us to meet, assist and get to know better our customers and friends.

Our experience so far has been more than great, we have meet really nice and interesting people, great musicians and producers, interesting and fascinating people.

We have passed hours talking and getting to know our customers and friends, receiving feedback, providing support and especially closing the gap that Internet place on us.

That's why we've decided to make it a permanent solution, those conversations have been priceless to us, we want to listen to your feedback and ideas, and also to be there for you when you may need us.

We are a small company, but we try every day to be excellent, and only by hearing our customers voices we will get to be it.

So drop us a line, just log-in into our customer portal and click on the small chat window, we'll be there for you.