Acidgrooves Announces LSD-611 "The Kali".

Zürich, Switzerland June 11 2013

Acidgrooves, a new Audio Plug-Ins company founded in Switzerland, is pleased to announce the release of the LSD-611 "The Kali".

The Kali is part of a new line of Plug-Ins developed by Acidgrooves that feature the Acidgrooves Entropy Technology™.

This patent pending technology brings to the Audio Plug-In world one of the characteristics of analog hardware that provides them with some of their unique sound qualities: the passage of time.

With time, capacitors, resistors, transformers and other analog components will decay and lose some of their original specifications which will effectively change the sound and personality of that particular unit.

Our technology tries to recreate exactly that.

Introducing LSD-611: The Kali



"The LSD-611 The Kali is a unique creative tool which provides everything from equalization, saturation, distortion, and funky filter-powered effects." say the Groovesters.

It features 2 Voltage Controlled Filters, 2 equalizers, and 2 unique distortion units, with extra controls for signal amplitude and output measuring.

Developed with a fully circuit modeled signal path, we made no compromises to achieve the best possible emulation of analog circuits, to place at your hands a truly “swiss army knife” for sonic manipulation.

We invite you to try The Kali on any sound source to add warmth, remove excessive bottom, or add classic filter funk and more.

Features Summary

The LSD-611 “The Kali”, it’s a unique creative sonic exploration tool.

It’s modular design, provides you with equalization, saturation, distortion, and filter powered effects, which turn it into a truly “swiss army knife”.

It features 2 Voltage Controlled Filters, 2 equalizers, 2 individual distortion units, and input and output gain controls.

The Kali filter’s were carefully modeled to be self resonant, based on a classic ladder filter design.

These VCF’s include a bipolar envelope follower, which modifies the filter cutoff frequency according to the provided signal contour. Every time there is a sound, the envelope voltage goes up and then down affecting the cutoff frequency. The louder the sound, the higher the envelope voltage goes. Think of this like an invisible hand turning the cutoff knob up or down in real time.

The LSD611 also features 2 finely tuned equalizers designed for full range of equalization, they work in parallel allowing precise control of the filtered signal low, high, and mid tones.

The Kali has a dark, evil heart, in it lie two demonic distortion units, designed to distort, saturate, and overdrive every sound that passes through them.

It also features a VU meter, calibrated to 0VU = -18DBFS, designed to make it easier for you to aim for the perfect output level.

This plug-in contains Acidgrooves patent pending Entropy Sound Technologies: Time Arrow Decay ™ (TAD) and Unique Sound Processing (USP) which will allow the plug-in to change its sound as it gets older.


  • Modular Processor
  • Input and output controls
  • 2 Voltage Controlled Filters with envelope follower for cutoff frequency modification
  • 2 Finely tuned equalizers for low, mid, and high tone control.
  • 2 Distortion Units with unique character for drive, distortion, saturation and overdrive
  • Up to 64x oversample
  • VU meter
  • 2 Entropy Sound Technologies: TAD & USP
  • 100 % Circuit Modelled
  • A / B Setups, 64 Presets, Undo / Redo capabilities
  • Built In Limiter
  • Mac: AU & VST
  • PC: VST
  • 32 / 64 Bits
  • Random preset generator at My Acidgrooves

Availability & Platforms

LSD-611 the Kali is available for immediate download at the Acidgrooves Customer Portal: My Acidgrooves, customers are required to sign-up for an account.

Available Releases:
* Mac Intel Universal for 32 & 64 bits hosts: AU & VST
* Windows PC for 32 bits hosts: VST

Upcoming Releases:
* Windows PC 64 bits will be available soon.

License & Price

Acidgrooves has rolled out its own licensing platform, which requires customers to register their devices at My Acidgrooves before licenses can be generated. We provide a 15 days fully functional demo license.

We have developed a small License Manager app to help our customers in the registration of their devices and subsequent installation of licenses.

Each purchase allows the installation and simultaneous usage of our software in up to three computers.

LSD-611 The Kali will have an introductory price of $70 USD. After July 30th, you will find it in our store at its regular price of $99 USD.

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About Acidgrooves Entropy Technology Platform:

Until now, all Audio processors stay in a frozen state, once the code is compiled, it will remain the same for years to come. This removes all kind of natural maturity of the sound associated with the passage of time.

With time, capacitors, resistors, transformers and other analog components will decay and lose some of their original specifications which will effectively change the sound and personality of that particular unit.

The Acidgrooves Entropy Technology Platform tries to recreate exactly that.

About Acidgrooves, GmbH

Acidgrooves is a company focused on developing innovative Audio Solutions, founded by a group of worldwide based developers who have worked for some of the biggest Audio Plug-In companies. Acidgrooves mission is to offer the highest quality algorithms and techniques available these days to place at the customer's hands precise and advanced audio tools.

Press Contact:

Acidgrooves PR: Sven Krakowsky
[email protected]
Zürich, Switzerland
Skype: acidgrooves

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