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Acidgrooves is launched as a new audio plugin company

Acidgrooves, sotware developer of Audio Units and other Audio Plug-Ins, announced the launch of a new website and client portal, This new website will feature online store, downloads, support, licenses and more.

�??Having worked for some of the major audio plug-ins companies for years, �??said Acidgrooves Developer Carlos Barbosa. �??We felt it was about time to break the boundaries of being a subcontractor, and launch a fresh new brand which will offer high quality audio Plug-Ins, including some really interesting features that were delayed or neglected by some other companies.�?�

Although there are many Audio Plug-Ins software companies in the world, Acidgrooves intends to offer the highest quality plugins, having developed some major projects for other companies. �??At Acidgrooves you�??ll be able to get high quality plug-ins with 24/7 personal support ,�?� . �??We are working with some partners in order to push a small software patent that will change the way our audio plug-ins will sound for good.�?�

Acidgrooves will open it\\\'s website inmediately, where you will be able to buy our selected plug-ins that, you will learn soon. �??Our goal is to release new plugins every month.�?�

Acidgrooves is privately funded in Switzerland, with developers worldwide.