Taken from:

Microsoft Windows Support

"When you download a program from the Internet, SmartScreen Filter will check the program against a list of programs that are downloaded by a significant number of other Internet Explorer users and a list of programs that are known to be unsafe. If the program you're downloading isn't on either list, SmartScreen Filter will display a warning that the file isn't "commonly downloaded." It doesn't necessarily mean the website is fraudulent or that the program is malware, but you probably shouldn't download or install the program unless you trust the website and the publisher."

Since we are a newly founded company, this may happen on some of our files.

We are not evil, never will be.

All our releases are double checked with Antivirus software before being uploaded, so you can rest assured that we will never ship virus with our software.

The best bet for this is to download our software using google chrome or firefox, and if presented with the warning, select Keep on the options.